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No Child Left Inside
*The NCLI Coalition extends its thanks to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection for the use of "No Child Left Inside."

News Archive

This is a sampling of articles and news items from around the country. For state specific news and a complete list of national articles, vist the NCLI Wiki page

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10.21.11 - No Child Left Inside Legislation Approved by Senate Committee

10.20.11 - No Child Left Behind Reform Coming (pdf file, Reprinted from E&E Daily with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC. 202/628-6500)

Bi-Partisan No Child Left Inside Act Introduced

Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD) introduced the bi-partisan No Child Left Inside Act of 2011 into the 112th Congress. As in the past, many of their Congressional colleagues joined them in co-sponsoring this historic legislation. We are grateful to them for their vision and leadership in working to make environmental education an integral part of every American child’s education.

For more information:

Obama's "Blueprint for Reform" Includes Environmental Education

An article in USA Today says that "President Barack Obama promised to rewrite the nation's sweeping and controversial education law known as No Child Left Behind with a plan to prepare students for life after high school and to place better teachers at the blackboards." The No Child Left Inside Coalition is happy that this new blueprint includes environmental education.  The entire blueprint is available online and President Obama's nati onal address is available online.

The No Child Left Inside® Coalition also cheers President Obama's budget, noting that environmental literacy has been included in the U.S. Department of Education budget for the very first time.  Click here to read the full press release.

7.18.2011 - Should 'green' Education Be Required to Graduate from US Schools?

7.21.2011 - At Long Last!  No Child Left Inside Bill

7.15.2011 - The Hill, Senators Propose Federal Grants for EE

6.27.2011 - New Requirement Alters the Nature of EE in Maryland

5.24.2011 - "Green Schools" Benefit Budgets and Students, Report Says

3.29.2011 - North TX NCLI event in April

3.14.2011 - NY Times on Obama's Urge to Overhaul Education

2.7.2011 -  AGO Report

1.25.2011 - No Child Left Inside Act Promises Greener Future

1.20.2011 - Sundance Channel talks green video games and NCLI

1.19.2011 - Sarbanes article for Harvard

1.11.2011 - "The Greening of Environmental Ed" in Harvard Education Letter


12.06.2010 - Texas Makes Getting Kids Outside a Priority

11.20.2010 - Officials Look to Steamboat, CO to Lead Environmental Education

10.07.2010 - Lake Katherine Focuses on NCLI,

06.24.2010 -
Sentinel: Girl Scout supports NCLI

06.07.2010 - NCLI on Montana License Plates

06.01.2010 - June is "No Child Left Inside" month in Illinois

05.15.2010 - Field and Stream

05.12.2010 - "Want Healthy Kids? Unplug them..."

04.28.2010 - "Is Your Child Left Inside?" Philadelphia Row Home Magazine

04.12.2010 - USA Today mentions NCLI Earth Day

04.05.2010 - "Knee-high Naturalists"

03.28.2010 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette mentions NCLI

03.23.2010 - Miller-McCune on the No Child Left Inside Act

03.23.2010 - Field & Stream article about NCLI

03.19.2010 - San Francisco Chronicle on NCLI

03.12.2010 - Dayton NCLI Group

03.03.2010 - Environmental Education Push Gains Traction

Jason Mraz Joins Sesame Street to Get Kids Outside


02.04.2010 - Progress Made on Nature Deficit Disorder But Not Enough

02.02.2010 - Obama to revamp NCLB

01.21.2010 - Albuquerque, NM passes NCLI Resolution

01.18.2010 - Scholastic Magazine mentions NCLI

01.18.2010 - NCLI mentioned in LA news "Green Living"

01.10.2010 - NY Times "Teaching Green..."


12.31.2009 - NCLI is a "Worldly Significant Story" of 2009

10.30.2009 - Congress Increases National Park Service Budget for 2010

10.13.2009 - NCLI Day for Earth Science Week 

10.06.2009 - The Great Park Pursuit in CT

08.18.2009 - Mother Nature Network story about NCLI

08.18.2009 - Plugged into Nature, Wired to World

08.10.2009 - Senator Reed's Support Letter in NYT  

08.03.2009 - Lack of Vitamin D in children "Shocking"

08.01.2009 - The New York Times - How To Lick A Slug

07.24.2009 - The Emporia Gazette - Educating the Green Generation

07.24.2009 - Educating the Green Generation

07.23.2009 - Letter from the Coalition to Sen. Reid and Chairman Boxer

04.14.2009 - NWF "Connecting Today's Kids with Nature" Policy Action Guide

03.18.2009 - Congress Aims to Combat 'Nature-Deficit Disorder'


11.13.2008 - Baltimore Sun OpEd by Barbara Hall

09.30.2008 - Education Week OpEd by Karen Harris

House of Representatives Approves No Child Left Inside Act of 2008
09.19.2008 - Summary of the best media clips (Adobe pdf)

08.11.2008 - Improved Health from the Natural Environment, Where's the Evidence

08.09.2008 - Associated Press article about NCLI

08.01.2008 - Environmental Education Gets a Green Light (USA Today)

07.01.2008 - NWF EnviroACTION

06.26.2008 - US Bill Proposes Funding for Outdoor Education

05.19.2008 - Schools Can't Spare Time or Dimes for Field Trips

04.23.2008 - O'Malley, Sarbanes Take Steps to Raise New 'Green' Generation

04.23.2008 - Law Proposes No Child Left Inside: WAMU radio broadcast

03.17.2008 - Inside the Capitol, The Great Outdoors

03.07.2008 - NACO Resolution

Richard Louv, author of the book Last Child in the Woods
03.03.2008 - Battling Nature Deficit Disorder: Interview with R. Louv

02.06.2008 - NPR: Americans Spending Less Time in Nature

02.05.2008 - MSNBC Video: Housebound

02.01.2008 - A Closer Look at Changes for Specific Subjects, Year 5 of NCLB

01.02.2008 - Schools Fail for Not Teaching Environmental Lessons

01.01.2008 - Classrooms Are Going Green - Scholastic News


12.31.2007 - Instructor Magazine: Go Team Green!

12.31.2007 - Nature Nutures Learning

11.24.2007 - Adults Seek to Restore Bond Between Kids and Nature

11.21.2007 - How Well Do You Know the Place Where You Live?

11.10.2007 - Baltimore Sun Letter to the Editor: by Joan Johnson

11.05.2007 - Detroit Free Press: Teach Kids About the Great Outdoors

10.29.2007- Radio Show: 'New Education Bill Aims for No Child Left InsideSM'

10.24.2007 -  Environmental and Education Leaders Call on Congress to Pass the No Child Left Inside Act to Improve EE

10.22.2007 - Leave No Child Inside

10.20.2007 - Taking Classrooms Outside

10.14.2007 - Why are people losing interest in Acadia and other parks?

10.13.2007 - Malone Telegram, Letter to the Editor

10.11.2007 - Students Trade Blackboards for Greener Pastures

10.04.2007 - Environmental Education Gets Support in Congress

09.23.2007 - Current Generation

09.13.2007 - Leaving No Child, or Adult, Inside

08.24.2007 - Back to School, Back to the Great Outdoors

08.09.2007 - Resisting Nature-Deficit Disorder

08.02.2007 - Beebe: Arkansas Should Be Leader in EE

07.22.2007 - Getting an Education as Big as All Outdoors

07.19.2007 - Giving Children an Outdoor Education

07.17.2007 - Education Week - NCLB: Act II

06.19.2007 - Getting Lost in the Great Indoors

06.16.2007 - Add Environmental Education

05.27.2007 - State Program Gets Kids Moo-ving

05.26.2007 - An Unplugged Experience at Botanical Garden

05.21.2007 - Joint Resources Panel Asks, 'Where Are the Kids?'

05.17.2007 - Are Kids Suffering from 'Nature Deficit Disorder'?

05.24.2007 - Reconnecting Kids and the Outdoors

05.22.2007 - Forest Service Aims to Close Nature-Deficit Gap by Getting Kids out into the Woods

04.30.2007 - Environmental Science Marginalized by Federal Act, Teachers say

04.26.2007 - Outdoors: the New Place to Learn

04.16.2007 - Leadership and the Environment

04.11.2007 - Wharton: We're Losing Touch with Nature

04.02.2007 - Gov. Granholm Proclaims April 20 As No Child Left InsideSM Day

03.28.2007 - An Environmental Mission: Club at Oakland Mills High Seeks to Raise Community Awareness

02.18.2007 - Microscopes vs. Video Games

02.10.2007 - No Child Left InsideSM; Environmental Awareness

01.14.2007 - Battling a Nature Deficit


04-12-2006 - The Changing Culture of Childhood

11.22.2006 - Nature Program's Goal: No Child Left Inside

11.21.206 - Groups Aim to "Plant Seeds" with Kids

11.05.2006 - Nurture of Nature; Hectic Lives, Technology Deprive Kids of Outdoor Wonders

06.29.2006 - Environmental Education Lacking in U.S. Finds New Study

06.18.2006 - Green School Program Cultivates Learning


 04.28.2005 - Growing Up Denatured